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Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics Lesson Plan

Puzzling Continents pangea

In order to develop a solid understanding of how our planet works, students must comprehend continental drift and plate tectonics.  This lesson plan gives students a hands-on opportunity to discover this process and research the positions of the continents throughout Earth’s history. The lesson begins with an activity involving newspaper puzzles.  Either as teams or […]

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Forces and Motion Activity- Balloon Powered Cars

April Update 001

Last week, I tried a new activity with my at-risk students. In the past, I have demonstrated the concepts behind Isaac Newton’s third law of motion using balloons.  Students would build balloon rockets by attaching an inflated balloon to a straw, slipping the straw on a clothesline-like string and releasing the air.  The force of the air […]

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Hands-on Algebra Lesson Plan

penny puzzle3

Every year, I introduce the concept of solving  two-step equations using “penny puzzles,” and every year, it leaves a lasting impression on my students.  They enjoy the challenge of the puzzles and the process of taking an active role in their learning.  Once my students get the hang of solving these puzzles, there is an […]

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