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Seasons Lesson Package




In order to develop a firm grasp on how our planet works, it is important to understand the Earth’s motions in space and how they are related to the occurrence of seasons.   In this lesson plan, students will connect real-world examples to differentiate between rotation and revolution, examine diagrams and explanations of seasons, demonstrate how the angle at which the Earth receives changes temperature and compete in a game to model the seasons.  This lesson plan is very interactive and will leave learners with a solid understanding of seasons.


MODEL CURRICULUM (GRADE 5)- Earth and Space Science

TOPIC- Cycles and Patterns in the Solar System

CONTENT STATEMENT- Most of the cycles and patterns of motion between Earth and sun are predictable. Earth’s axis is tilted at an angle of 23.5 degrees. This tilt, along with Earth’s revolution around the sun, affects the amount of direct sunlight that the Earth receives in a single day and throughout the year.  The average daily temperature is related to the amount of direct sunlight received.  Changes is average temperature throughout the year are identified as seasons.



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