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Inquiry Activity-Gummy Trick | Cool School Rap Comic

Inquiry Activity-Gummy Trick



This inquiry comic can be used in both science and mathematic, depending on where you choose to go with it.  On the science side, students will examine how a gummy candy changes when left in water over night and develop their own investigation using a variety of liquids and candies.  To incorporate mathematics into this comic, focus on measurements and proportional changes.  The gummy candy will grow when submerged in water.  Does it grow proportionately?  How does the surface area change?


MODEL CURRICULUM (GRADE 4)- Physical Science

TOPIC- Matter and Inquiry

CONTENT STATEMENT- Focus on conservation of matter and discuss it on an observable level.  Observe and ask questions.  Use appropriate mathematics to construct reasonable explanations. (See Teacher Guide for further links to standards)



Understand ratio concepts. Use ratio and rate reasoning to solve real-world problems.



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