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Ice Wedging and Weathering | Cool School Rap Comic

Ice Wedging and Weathering



Take a ride down a road full of pot holes when Miss B. discusses weathering!


MODEL CURRICULUM (GRADE 4)- Earth and Space Science

TOPIC- Earth’s Surface

CONTENT STATEMENT- The surface of the Earth changes due to weathering.  Rocks change shape, size and/or form due to water or ice movement, freeze and thaw, wond, plant growth, gases in the air, pollution and catastrophic events such as earthquakes, mass wasting, flooding and volcanic activity.

GRASDE 4 CONCEPTS- Different types of rock weather at different rates due to specific characteristics of the rock and the exposure to weathering factors (e.g. freezing/thawing, wind, water).  Weathering is defined as a group of processes that change rock at or near the Earth’s surface.


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