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Earth’s Interior Lesson Plan | Cool School Rap Comic

Earth’s Interior Lesson Plan



Three content comics, an inquiry activity and a standards-based teacher guide round out this complete introduction to the Earth’s Interior.

Comic Sequence- Earth’s Layers, Evidence of Layers, Interpreting Seismic Waves, Inquiry Idea

It meets the following Common Core Standards:


MODEL CURRICULUM (GRADE 8)- Earth and Space Science

TOPIC- Physical Earth

CONTENT STATEMENT- The composition and properties of the Earth’s interior are identified by the behavior of seismic waves.  The refraction and reflection of seismic waves as they move through one type of material to another is used to differentiate the layers of Earth’s interior.  Earth has an inner and outer core, an upper and lower mantle, and the crust.

GRADE 8 CONCEPTS- It is important to provide the background knowledge regarding how scientists know about the structure and composition of the interior of the Earth (without being able to see it).


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